If you haven’t read the first book in the series I totally recommend you doing so before you jump into book 2. You will be totally lost in Catch Me If I Fall if you don’t start with Sudden Hope first.
Skylar (Sky) and her family are heading to her Uncle J’s house for the Fourth of July. Sky asks if her boyfriend Alec can come along as well. Her dad really isn’t thrilled with the idea as they think they are spending too much time together. He gives in so they all head to Uncle J’s for the Fourth. Everything starts out great until the fireworks start. The sounds bring back those memories of what happen school when Mike shot two of their friend at school. Her parents are so glad that they allowed Alec to be there with her. At the end of summer Alec will be heading off to start college with Kyle. Sky has a hard time dealing with him getting ready to leave. Everyone in town says that it is strange for a high school girl to be dating a college guy. Alec and Skylar know that it is going to be hard with long distance relationship, but that are determined to make it work for them.
So as a way for all the guys on the baseball team to have a great sendoff as most of them will be attend different college they guys come over and make sure much noise waking Alec up for a baseball game. Sky doesn’t go to the game as there is a huge surprise that she is part of with some of the other parents. They plan a hug going away party for the guys at Garyson’s farm. This turns out to be a great way for all of them to see each other one last time.
The biggest surprise was when Mike decided to send Skylar a letter thinking she would talk to him again.

There is a HUGE twist with Mike in the story that I will NOT give it away. Just be ready for your emotions to be all over the place with what happens.
We get to meet some really great new characters in the series. Sebastian is one of my favorites of the new ones added to the story. I love how Skylar’s family takes him in during a really tough time and Sky thinks of him as a brother she never had. He is great as a brother who is very protective of Skylar just to the right degree and not by going overboard. Lucas is another one of the new guys in the story and let’s just say he is head over heels for Skylar, but you have to read the story to understand what happens there.
Daniele had my emotions all over while I was reading the story. If you have any knowledge about suicide they are created a tattoo of remembrance that is the semicolon ; and it plays a very special part in this story to remember Kristi.
I hope that Daniele will either do a story about Sebastian or Lucas. They are both really great new additions to story and back story on either one would be fun. I think maybe Sebastian would be even more fun as I really enjoyed how after everything he has head in school in his first day there about Skylar he still became her friend as so much more.

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