BEAUTIFUL BLOOD eternal sovereigns series book 1

Beautiful Blood by Kira Von Wolfe

Sage returned from reform school with hopes that her life could get back on track and that she could finally get along with her family. And things seemed okay for the past few years. But when a run in with her old rival sends her parents into a neurotic frenzy she forced to battle with them as they try to keep her locked away with over-baring punishments and high strung demands. But with support from an old friend and long time crush, the otherworldly handsome librarian Dublin, Sage discovers that her parents aren’t as perfect as they make themselves seem when she discovers the reason she never felt like she fit in with her family was because she didn’t. As Sage hunts for truths of her parent’s lies and feeling abandoned by those who truly cared for her, she falls back into old, delinquent ways of partying and drugs and starts unearthing other truths about herself that are otherworldly. The gruesome death of her parents in a house fire that Sage nearly survived sets a series of events in motion and Sage’s hunt for self identification turns into something much bigger then herself as she uncovers pieces of her past and learns that she may not even be from the world she was raised in and that all these events are leading up to her inevitable birth right: death.



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Sage is a teenager trying her best to understand what is going on in her world. Things just don’t seem to be the way they should. She has strange dreams that make no scene to her, and she can’t understand why this feeling comes over her that she know this man that comes in her dreams. Sage doesn’t get along with her mother at all. They always argue it’s as if she can’t do right by her no matter how hard she tries. When she was younger Sage had gotten into trouble with a group of friends that she had. So to deal with this her mother decided to send her away to a Reform School to see if they could help her get back on the right track. When she got back her mother still didn’t trust her no matter what she did or how hard she worked at anything she did. Graduation was getting close and Sage knew she wasn’t going to college like her friends Faith and Josh, but she wanted to hang out with them as much as she could before they left.
Sage always felt so close to Faith and her mother. She enjoyed going over to her house more than being at her own house. Faith and Sage would practice magic at Faith’s house, but Sage never did this at her house her mother would never have it. Faith always new Saga could do stuff with Wicca if she would just put her mind, but without being about to practice she has never really got much down except for a few basic spells.
The day of graduation came and everyone was there and as usual Sage’s mother put on her normal show of disappointment with her. Except one of her mother’s friends from work came over to congratulate Sage on graduating, Saga’s family had dark hair and Sage had red hair so she decided to dye it, her mother’s friend made a comment about this without skipping a beat made a nasty comment. Her friend excused herself and again congratulated Sage and left.
Sage decides to go to the library since she hadn’t been there in a while. She uses to hang out there a lot because she loved to read before she had gotten sent off to reform school. She was hoping that Mr. Bryan the librarian still worked there. She had an infatuation with him for the longest time. She figured the feeling had gone, but they all came crashing back as soon as she seen him again. While at the library trouble starts in the form of the person who was also involved in her going to reform school. Tommy and his gang show up, a few thing end up getting thrown around in the library and Sage, Faith, and Josh gets in trouble while Tommy and his gang get kicked out.
This doesn’t go over well with Sage’s mother so needless to say Sage has to work at the library and is grounded to make matters worse her older brother has to pick her to babysit her.
Not wanting to get caught by finding out that she was looking through her parent’s stuff when she learns of this secret she had to find a way to search the box again.
Mister Bryne could tell something was wrong when she came to the library for work after she had found out the secret, but wasn’t sure what it was or how to broach the situation. Later that day her friend Faith showed up with some very sad news that rock her and Sage to their core.
So much more happens in the story that I don’t want to give it away; you really need to pick up a copy for yourself in either e-book or paperback.

If you love reading about Paranormal, Occult, Horror, Vampires, and Witches by sure to check out Beautiful Blood (Eternal Sovereigns Series Book 1)